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21st century – the age of sites.

Yeah! You’ve read it right!

Today we can say with confidence that websites rule the world. There are a vast number of them on the Internet and each of them offers the specific information. These can be both entertainment sites and official channels of different brands and apps.

Each of the types of sites somehow tries to capture user’s attention and build a strong relationship for the future. To do this, they use different text and visual tricks.

However, the trend in 2020 is widgets!

Pop Up Website: What is it?

Pop up web site is an excellent solution for those who want to get the most out of new and regular site visitors. There are lots of pop up forms and each is designed for one or another aspect of attracting or notifying customers and site visitors.

However, the first widget that you should install on the site is pop up email subscription widget. It encourages site visitors to register in the system, write his email, create their profile and do not miss all the latest news and offers that appear on the site one way or another.

By installing such a widget on your site, you can get a high conversion rate!  As a usual, this indicator increases the numbers by two times. And these are only the first results! If you further improve your chosen popup form, you can get much better success.

If you still have doubts about the need for implementation of a widget on your site or do not know how to install it, we will help you in this matter and will do everything possible for your success!

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How can you create a pop up website widget?

First of all, you need to decide which service you will use to create and launch a registration widget for your site. Today we will look at the procedure for creating a widget on the example of the Widgets BigBangram service, which does not require you to have special skills in coding, installing any programs and doing unnecessary actions. Everything runs fast and simple like clockwork!

So, here is the process of registering and installing the system:

  1. Open the Widgets BigBangram website;
  2. Click the “Signup” button;
  3. Add your name, email and password;
  4. Mark that you agree with the terms of the site;
  5. Confirm and click on “Register”.

The hardest part is over! 

Now you have your profile on the site and you can create any widget you want. Let’s see how to work on creating and implementation of any widget:

  1. Open your “Dashboard”;
  2. Select the “Create Campaign” option”;

3. Come up with the name of the campaign;
4. Add the link of your site;

5. Choose the “Submit” button.

Voila! You have access to all sorts of widget forms. From the specified list you can choose the one that suits you the most and create it. For this, you need to select the necessary and desired settings positions.

5 tips on how to make your widget look great:

  1. Change the main image of the widget. It should be bright.
  2. Work on the text color and widget background.
  3. Add stickers and emojis to make your widget attractive.
  4. Set the optimal location and time of the widget.
  5. Write catching text without the fluff.

Taking into account all the above tips, you can create a working and effective widget that will bring you good results.

Let’s look at some of the items in more detail to get the maximum benefit from using the pop up email subscription widget on your site.

How to choose the best time for the widget?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question. However, we can give a working tip – 


This method will help you understand what time is more relevant for your site and how much time the average person needs to decide in favor of following the call-to-action button.

For example, you can configure the widget that appears as soon as a user visits your site. As a possible disadvantage is that you do not leave time for the user to get acquainted with the website, take a closer look at it and decide whether they want to continue their acquaintance with you and work on building a strong relationship of cooperation or not.

The second possible option is a pop-up window that appears before the user wants to leave the site. This time is often chosen because it represents the last chance for you to establish cooperation with the visitor and somehow interest him in this relationship. For example, you can add information to a widget about a gift for each new user. Visitors like gifts and are willing to click on the link to pick them up.

The third option is a delayed widget. It is a pop up that appears a few seconds after the user has opened your site. This widget is well because you give the user time to get interested in all the information that you offer them. And just at the moment of emerging interest, the cherished sign up widget appears.

Another working widget is a widget that appears while scrolling through the site. It works on a similar principle as the previous one, but it requires some actions from the user to see it.

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Your source of Inspiration is here!

As a nice and useful bonus, we have prepared for you some cool examples of using the sign up widget on the sites. You can get inspired by them or use some cool visual or text design ideas. In any case, it will be useful.

1. Web Ascender

It is a widget that appears when a user opens the site. It immediately offers the user to register and receive new notifications. It is not too bright, but at the same time has warm colors, which favorably affects the visual perception of the widget.

2. La Mer

La Mer uses a widget that appears a few seconds after the user has opened the site. Thus, it gives time for the user to familiarize with the site and understand the general specifics. Besides, it gives time to get used to the site and understand whether a person wants to continue being on it or not.

3. StartupVitamins

This site uses a widget that appears when the user decides to leave it. It suggests a unique offer and discount to those who register on the site and place their first order. Thus, it encourages users to stay and get acquainted with the available products and place their first discount order.


To encourage a person to register on the site, you need to push them to do so. The easiest way is to install a special widget. After the implementation of the widget, you can appreciate the results in the first days. Don’t know how to take an analysis of the campaign? Above all, WidgetsBigBangram gives you a complete analysis of the results of using a particular widget on your site.