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Countdown Widget: Benefits And How To Install

3, 2, 1… Let me introduce one of the most triggering widgets for websites – countdown widget. The feeling of urgency stimulated with timer is a prominent sales driver and a tool for lead generation. When a visitor comes across a countdown, he doesn’t want to wait and pushes the button leading to a registration form or adds a product to cart. Exactly what you need, right? In this article, you will understand how to manipulate a human mind, namely:

why is a countdown collector lucrative for your business;
how to embed a countdown popup to a website without code.

If you don’t need theory and ready to estimate countdown collectors for free in action – push the button!


Countdown widget for websites: what are the benefits? 

Advertisers have learned and proved the role of urgency to effect purchases. The trades tool has established its influence overtime for the following reasons:

1. Timer highlights a particular offer/action;
2. Urgency spurs on-site activities;
3. Visitors tend to make decisions faster;
4. Clear-cut installation;
5. You can try it for free. 

Let’s investigate the details ASAP! 

Reason #1 – Attention

Referring to our psychology, users pay more attention to numbers rather than text. When you add a timer to your offer, there are more chances the block with be catchy. 

The important note here: place a countdown next to the discount offer or close to the words “Free,” “Sale,” “Deal of the day.” When the clock is running close to these triggers, the chances you gain lead are 100%! 

Reason #2 – More activities

A countdown request collectors a force visitors to leave the contacts or to order, particularly when they are not sure about it. The compelling influence of a simple clock awakens the passion for running into a profitable deal. Limitation of time spurs more actions! If you embed a countdown widget, offering a promo code in exchange for contacts, be sure your email will explode with leads. The effect has been proved during several tests – timer-powered offers end up with purchase 3X times more often. The more time users spend on your site; the higher Google ranks it!

Reason #3 – Fast decision-making process

Don’t be blind – the Internet is full of lucrative offers, sales. When a visitor views your website, he might be excited but thinking he could register or purchase later. And then he forgets, delays or ends up buying from someone else. Don’t leave them time to think! For instance, the countdown to Christmas widget cites onsite purchases likewise offline Black Friday. Showing that your offer is limited with a date countdown widget will motivate users to hurry up. Remember, you can adjust the settings – personalize the message and time limit. 

Reason #4 – Straightforward installation 

Bigbangram timer widget is compatible with any website using JavaScript. No matter your website is based on Tilda, WordPress, Joomla, or other platforms, you can embed the widget on your own without extra coding. Use the event countdown widget when you are to conduct registration, develop the database of clients, and other marketing goals. 

You can choose the way you want to receive the hooked data – via Webhook, email. Keep on reading this article to explore the bit-by-bit guide on how to start using widgets. 

Reason #5 – Free trial

The countdown popup installation is absolutely risk-free for you. When choosing Bigbangram, you can conduct your first campaign free of charge. This option is a smart decision for those who want to test the timer performance for a lead page or a new business. Don’t miss out on such a lucrative deal for any entrepreneur! 

Make use of the countdown widget right away! 


If you need instructions, pass to the next passage.  

How to embed a coding-free countdown clock widget? 

As we promised, launching your first widget will be as simple as ABC. Ready, set, go! 

Set aside your account – 2 minutes

To begin your widget experience, you obviously need a dashboard. Register via a valid email to manage a widget’s performance, view analytics, and collect essential data for your business. 

Make your countdown collector perfect – 5 minutes

Add a catchy offer 

Spur the visitors to leave the contacts in the request form – think over the title, and description. If you organize an event, the name should be precise and to the point. The text you input on the button should call-to-action. Remember, you can add emojis! 

Choose contacts you need from viewers

You can collect emails, phone numbers – all the data will arrive at the place you want. 

Set aside the end date

Think over the most effective time limitation. The viewers should have a feeling they are to hurry up! 

Pick the place for feedback 

You can collect the information on external resources. Add your work email or a link to a webhook. 

Take advantage of the leads

After placing the timer, you can extend your customer base with new contacts. Add them to your future mail outs, inform on the upcoming events and sales. 

All in all

A timer widget is a triggering marketing tool facilitating the lead generation, sales, and on-site activities. Make use of human psychology when you need to:

● organize events;
● collect contact details;
● generate leads;
● manipulate the visitors’ behavior. 

BigBangram widgets are easy to adjust to your marketing funnel – try for your first campaign for free!