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Increase Income: Email Opt-In Sign-Up Sheet Widget

Do you want the working way of increasing the client base? Test email opt-in sign-up sheet widget on your website!

Do you want the working way of increasing the client base? Test email opt-in sign-up sheet widget on your website!

As the famous proverb says: “There’s no limit to perfection”. If you have a prosperous site where average traffic hits all imaginable records, and the number of orders is growing every day, then you should not stop there. After all, you can always implement new features that will help to promote your site in the global Internet space. For example, you can install special widgets that will help your site visitors quickly navigate where and what are located.

Don’t know what is it and how to use it right? We will tell you about everything that will make regular visitors into subscribers and customers who will receive new messages related to your planned activities in a few seconds.

Widgets: What is it? Is this necessary?

Widgets are a relatively new invention that allows you to navigate visitors inside your site in real time. We speak about such questions as “where is it something” or “how can I find an email button”, etc.

Here, the special widgets come to the rescue. It can be a special widgets that show actual site traffic, or video promo of site products. There is an excellent scope of such widgets that can help you to simplify the working process of the site visitors. Above all, they play the role of interactive feature and can help to add some fun to the daily Internet activity.

However, there is a widget that must be placed on the site – email opt-in sign-up sheet. It will push the visitor to register, and therefore to long-term cooperation with you. Since when registering, the person shares with you the email address data. Then, you can send on this address various promo and promotional offers. It all depends on the specifics of your business or site.

It can look as you like and be placed where you wish. You can put it at the bottom left or right, or find a suitable place at the top. The widget can be either temporary – pop up for a certain number of seconds, or permanent – for example, if a person wants to leave the page. Here, everyone has a large number of choices that depend on their preferences and vision of a particular widget on their site.

Whatever design and other characteristics you would not choose, the result will be the same – any widget will appear at the right time and do everything necessary to turn an ordinary site visitor into your client, configured for long-term cooperation.

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How can you create email opt-in sign-up sheet widget for a site?

If you think that creating a widget requires a lot of time and technical knowledge, then think more and don’t afraid of this procedure! To make a unique widget on the site, you only need a few steps. Here is an instruction for the most curious ones. As an example, let’s take Widgets BigBangram service. Here you can create any widget in the shortest time and without special knowledge or additional efforts.

  1. Open the official website of the service;
  2. Click the “Sign up” button and complete a simple registration process;
  3. Add your name, username and password;
  4. Click on the checkmark that confirms your acceptance of the service policy;
  5. Confirm the action and click the “Register” button.

Now we go to the procedure of creating an email opt in. As you can see, you don’t need any special programming knowledge or additional codes to implement the widget. You only need to follow the instructions and select the necessary widget settings.

After you have registered and selected the necessary price module of services, you need to open your dashboard. Here you can find your already running widgets or drafts.

widget for a site

To create a new widget, you need to select the “create campaign” button. In the field that opens, enter the name of your campaign and the site where the widget will work. After that, confirm your actions by clicking the “submit” button.

Now select the desired widget template – email optin and click “create”.

All opt in website widget settings are open to you. Here you can choose from the magnificent setting opportunities and create the best emailing opt in widget.

Widget settings: Detailed Information

Widget settings

So, let’s start with the first point – Basic. Here, the service prompts you to enter the name and main text that will reflect the message of your widget. It is essential to think about this item since it is the first thing that a new visitor pays attention to. The name should be bright and interesting. And the text itself should briefly reveal the essence of the widget. For brightness, you can add any stickers and emojis that will coolly dilute the widget.

The second point is Triggers. Triggers are forms of behavior on a site. Here you need to select the place on the page where your widget will be displayed and instructions for displaying the widget. It can be delayed, and so on. Besides, you can choose the needed time when the widget will appear on the page, instantly, or after the user scrolls the site, or after some time.

The third point is Display. Here you need to select the required time during which the widget will be on the site page and in which corner it will be located.

The fourth point is Customize. This item refers to the visual component of the future widget. Here, you need to choose the color scheme of the widget. It is the main background, the color of the widget name, the color of the main text, the color of the button, etc. Besides, you need to decide on the shape of your widget. It can be a rounded or straight. Try several options and choose the most suitable option for your site.

The last point – Data. It is intended to configure the security of your widget. You need to add the necessary webhooks that will collect the information you need.

Once you’ve decided about the future widget, you need to save the settings and click on the “submit” button.

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As you can see, the process doesn’t take much time but can make profits and increase the number of potential clients. For real success, you need to use the technique of implementation of social proof. Social proof is a feature that is based on social opinion. Such a feature can influence a particular visitor to make the action because it gives special benefits.

According to it, you tell the advantages of using the site and subscription options. It should look like a friendly advice without mental pressure or ads.

Try to implement such a widget and appreciate the real results!