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Supply Cookie Message: The Best Update Notification!

Surely, you have never thought about how best to display a notification about cookies on your site? After all, as we know, there are no special rules there for cookie notification.

Recently EU cookie law has appeared, which was expanded with GDPR in 2018, this topic has become more and more discussed in the media space. Also, many owners of the websites have thought seriously about the possible ways of correct placing of cookie notifications on the site.

Therefore, if you want to place cookie notification so that it does not irritate users and does not attract too much attention, but everything was done within the law, then this article is for you.

We will tell you all about pop-ups and widgets, as well as the essential thing – cookie notification. We will share all the secrets of their correct location as required by EU law.

How can you add cookie message to your site?

Let’s look at the technical component of such notifications. If you want to add cookie info, you can use a special cookie widget creator. To install a widget or pop-up window, you don’t need to have any additional coding knowledge. You can start using widgets yourself by choosing the most suitable option for you. The most commonly used and reliable option is:

  • lower left or right corner sliders;
  • pop-up windows at the top;

You can recreate any of your ideas into reality as quickly and efficiently as possible using the BigBangram Widgets service. To register on the service’s website, you need to follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the website and click “signup”;
2. In the window that opens, enter your “Nickname”, login and come up with a password. Besides, you need to confirm that you accept all the terms of the site;

website widgets register

3. After that, click the “Register” button.

If you have completed all the steps correctly, your control panel will open in front of you.

Now, to install the required widget, you need to:

1. Click on the “Create campaign” button;

cookie message widget instruction

2. Enter the name and link of your site where it will be used;
3. Click on the “Submit” do your first widget.

widgets for websites new campaign form

You can choose the color scheme and location of the cookie consent popup on the home page of your site. You can change the important links that will guide users to know more about your confidential policy. Below we have prepared some good examples of using the cookie message widget on websites.

In the meantime, do not forget about one important detail – your cookie consent message should not be intrusive, distracting or annoying users of your site. Otherwise, they may leave it and not find out any specific information about you or your website. It can looks like: this website uses cookies message.

Therefore, you should initially configure some parameters of the widget behavior. For example, you can choose to hide widget as soon as the user agrees to use it on your site. That is, as soon as he clicks the “I agree” button, the banner disappears and does not appear on the page anymore.

This action will help you keep interested visitors on your site and not irritate their attention in the future.

Cookie notification: Entrails

We want to remind you that in this article, we do not introduce you to the rules of use of cookie message adopted by the EU. We only conclude that the main recommendation in this regard is to receive a clear and accurate response from users that they are informed and consent to the use of cookies that somehow track their data. Therefore, your notification must consist of:

  • An attention-grabbing banner. It will not irritate the attention of users, but on the contrary, will complement the site from an aesthetic point of view.
  • A clear message. It will inform people that your site uses cookies.
  • A link. It will describe the privacy policy.
  • A button. It will be a sign that the user agrees to such conditions.

The best variant is this site uses cookies message.

Working cookie notice examples

As mentioned above, the main aim of such widgets is to warn people that the site uses cookies and gives them a choice to agree to these terms or not.

There is no clear answer to the question about rightly location and notification of cookies on the site. It all depends on the managers of a particular site. For example, some post extended cookies, while others prefer short informational messages.

We have prepared for you two good examples of the use of cookie notification on the site.

1. JustinMind

just in mind main

This site uses a floating bottom widget that moves if the user scrolls the cursor through the site. It happens until he will agree the site’s privacy policy.

This example perfectly combines both the color and the information component. This message does not distract attention, but initially warns the user about the privacy policy.

2. Nike

website widgets cookie settings

It uses a pop-up slider widget on its site. It initially warns visitors about the use of cookies. That is, the user can not go to the content without reading this notification.

They didn’t make such a pop-up window too bright. It is better to give preference to black and white shades, which perfectly complement each other.

Final word

As a rule, cookies are used for the site owner to analyze the level of site traffic, track, and optimize the performance of the site. However, it does not make sense to do this by providing several pages of your privacy policy at once, since it is boring and uninteresting, and none of the site visitors will waste their precious time on it.

Therefore, we recommend that you include a copy of the document link in your cookie notification.