How It Works

How do widgets for website work?

Create your website widgets as easy as one-two-three!

No third-party apps!

1 Step

Create your account

Simply sign up in the system in seconds!

Add your name, email and password.

Don’t forget to confirm that you agree with the terms of the site.

2 Step

Start new campaign

Come up with the campaign name and add the website link. Confirm the procedure by clicking on “Submit” button.

Now you can choose the desired widget from the 14 available variants.

3 Step

Choose the settings

Select images, write text, fix time duration and display position.

All settings are at your disposal!

Make your widget attractive and unique!

4 Step

Monitor statistics

Collect your results by taking a campaign analysis.

WidgetsBigBangram provides you with the whole statistic data of the widget implementation.

You can track impressions, clicks, hovers and even more.

5 Step

See all the benefits

  • Increased visitors’ engagement and conversion rates;
  • Nurtured trust and loyalty;
  • Greater email list;
  • Boosted sales.