Conversions Counter Widget: Engage everyone to buy, sign up, or visit selling pages!

The widget shows the number of actions taken.
You can easily give a wink to your website visitors and tease them for purchase, or sign up.
Work out the best placement strategy and grow your sales, engagement or targeted traffic!

conversion counter widget

Why to use a Pop Up Conversions Counter widget?

The widget gives an idea of recent actions number.

Visitors into Clients

Use pop up conversions counter to push website visitors into your customers. How can you do that? Create catchy pop up widgets, showing successful purchases number on the item page. Make an illusion of hot demand to trigger an immediate purchase.

Viewers into Sign-ups

Set up notifications about a great number of successful sign-ups for a newsletter or a free trial for the last hours. Get everyone caught by herd behavior and take impulse actions that you need. For example, you can set widgets to interesting blog pages to get sign-ups

Engaging to Selling

You have website pages that have lots of visitors number. Why not to transfer them to pages selling your product/service? For a travel agency, create a counter widget with a text like ‘125 people have viewed this trip today’. Get targeted click-throughs and transfer traffic on your website.

Viewing depth increase
Compatible with websites
Minutes is needed for 1 set up
Sign-ups number increase

How can you set up pop up sales widget?

You need great marketing and selling imagination to cope with widgets successfully.

If not, ask our professional team for help, ideas and set up instructions.

Needless to say that a great widget must be catchy, bright, but not annoying or disturbing user. Take a close look at the parameters that you can set up:

  • Title, Description
  • Colors for Background and Button
  • Border radius
  • Duration and position
  • Branding
  • Trigger pages and events
  • Number of displays

Where to use Popup Sales Widget?

Shake your website to get more actions!

A well-structured website has a great logic for traffic flow. The purpose of using a widget is different for various pages. Use widgets to your benefit, take a look at some basic ideas:

  • Main page to test the visitors interest
  • Selling pages to engage impulse actions
  • Traffic pages to transfer people to selling pages

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