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Cookie Widget: Be on the Good Side of the Law

Become transparent about your data collection practice — embed cookie widget.

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Give Users Control over Their Data with Cookie Law Widget

Take privacy law seriously

Be Compliant with the Law

If you collect EU citizens’ data, make sure your online activity is 100% legal.

Increase Website Credibility

Show your responsibility to increase users’ trust in your business.

Avoid Fines

Avoid fines for not complying with GDPR and ePR (up to €20 mln)

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Notify Visitors Easily with Cookie Widget

Inform your visitors that you use cookies in an easy-to-understand way

You are given the flexibility to customize a cookie notification as per your taste: description message, display position and duration, colors, border radius, etc.

  • No coding and design skills needed
  • 2 minutes to install and configure
  • Compatible with all web-resources
  • No page load time decrease
  • Mobile-friendly

Create an Ideal Notification

Your visitors’ journey starts with cookie consent. Make it attractive with cookie plugin

Our widgets are versatile. You can create cookie notification  which would match your brand:

  • Extensive Display options
  • Diverse Style options
  • Broad Trigger options

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