Latest Conversion Widget: Highlighting a successful purchase make your products desirable!

Widget is used to show, that a certain product has been sold right now.
It triggers website visitors and encourages new purchases on your website.
You can create a demand, show the popularity of your product, and jumpstart the buyer.

conversion widget

Why to use a pop up conversions widget?

The widget shows the real number of recent purchases.

Pay attention and imply popup sales to your website.

Fully Customizable

Gain people's’ trust. Indicate location, item, and put the conversion on the selling pages. Select the colors to match your website and creates catchy texts for your widgets. The more time you spend, the better the results will be.

Increasing Sales

Sometimes people lack the last punch when they want to make a purchase. A conversion widget creates an illusion of a limited offer. It forces an average person to make a decision faster. And we all love impulse purchases.

Easy to Install

It takes 2-3 minutes to install the widget. Plus it is really easy to edit your widgets. Change colors, texts, time, duration, position. The service is absolutely intuitively designed. Any doubts? Try yourself!

Viewing depth increase
Websites compatibility
Bounce rate decrease
Purchase number growth

How to make an effective website counter widget set up?

To get the attention and convert website visitors customize your widgets

The more efforts you put, the better outcome you get. Take a minute and think about the customization:

  • Create catchy Title, Description
  • Use Background and Button colors
  • Set up matching Border radius
  • Think upon duration and position
  • Brand the widget
  • Define Trigger pages and events
  • Select the Number of displays

How to raise a conversion with a popup sales widget?

Plan the visitors’ website path, prepare the traps for a potential buyer!

First of all you need to define the pages of ‘final decision’. Usually, these are website pages, that contain the buttons “Buy” or “Order”. Thoroughly thought Latest Conversion widget attracts attention and pushes sales:

  • Test different text/color variants
  • Imply to selling and traffic pages
  • experiment with items! The more tests you make, the more impulse purchases you get!

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