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Live Counter Widget: Create a buzz and raise the interest!

Website visitors tend to buy 87% more often when they see other people’s interest.
Create an illusion missed opportunity, show the number of active visitors in real-time.
Make people see the goods/services demand and make a fast purchase decision.

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Why to use a Website counter widget?

The widget shows the real-time number of active page visitors.

How to benefit from the counter widget?

Build Trust

People tend to trust the seller if he or she has a high demand for its product/service. Additionally, we buy any goods from trusted companies that are popular among their competitors. The visitor counter widget shows the popularity of the chosen product and shows the buyer’s interest. Trigger the website visitors for impulse purchase!

Increase Conversion

I bet I don’t have to explain what conversion is. If you have a planned website, you certainly have a number of pages that sell your top products. And you need to have a final “punchline” to turn your warm and interested clients into your customers. The inner analytics shows a significant conversion growth by 120-210 percent.

Create Desire

We all want to get the best product for our money. The counter widget shows the number of potential buyer’s number that creates an illusion of a limited quantity of goods. It naturally raises a desire to buy more. Use it for your benefit! Think it over, thoroughly plan, test, and analyze the position of widgets. Find the working solutions to get more orders and make money!

Users make a fast purchase decision if they feel the high demand
Compatibility with websites. It takes 2 minutes to start using a widget
Is an average sale level growth after counter widget setting up
Of people agree to choose a popular product: it has more buyer’s trust

Get more attention with a website counter widget!

Customize it: select colors, duration, position, triggers, and branding

Basic settings make the widget look natural and, at the same time, attract the attention of any website visitor. The following settings are available:

  • Title, Description and Background colors
  • Button + background colors
  • Border radius
  • Widget duration, position and branding
  • Trigger page and event
  • Number of displays

How to use a visit widget?

Plan the visitors’ website path, prepare the traps for a potential buyer!

You know how to sell on your website, right? We all plan, test, and analyze the visitors’ website path. Try to find the best position for your visit widget, number of displays, triggers, attractive colors to make it noticeable. Here are some tips that will help you to create your best Live Counter Widget:

  • Make it match your website
  • Use it on the most selling pages
  • Drive traffic to selling pages to make impressive numbers

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